Thursday, July 5, 2018

Zerone Technology IQ

  1. Difference between Display and Edit Method?
  2. Can we filter the Grid or Page or Listpage using Display or Edit method?
  3. Overlaying VS Extension?
  4. When we should go for Overlaying and when for Extension?
  5. Sales and Purchase order tables and classes?
  6. Workflow creation process? What are the workflows available in standard?
  7. Upgration process?
  8. AIF?
  9. Query based Vs RDP report?
  10. Build vs Rebuild?
  11. Can we change sales Id properties of Sales Table in D365?
  12. Complex SSRS reports till date?
  13. Complex Task till date?

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How to enable the dimension fields based on the Item selected on the form.

[Form] public class KMTShipFromWarehouses extends FormRun {     InventDimCtrl_Frm_EditDimensions        inventDimFormSetup;     /// &l...