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Important Tables and Classes in Inventory Module

Tables :-

EcoResProduct             --- This is a base table for the inherited tables that follow next.

EcoResProductMaster --- This table holds information on products that can have variants (color, size, and so on.). Within the application, these products are referred to as product masters.

EcoResDistinctProduct ---A distinct product is effectively a product that does not have variants (it is not associated with inventory dimensions color, size, and so on).

InventTable                     ---This table contains information about the released items.

InventItemGroup           ---This table contains information about item groups.

InventDimGroup            ---This table contains information about a dimension group.

InventTableModule        ---This table contains information about purchase, sales and inventory specific settings for items.

InventModelGroup        ---This table contains information about inventory model groups.

InventItemSalesSetup    ---This table contains default settings for items, such as site and warehouse. The values are related to sales settings.

InventItemPurchSetup  ---This table contains default settings for items, such as site and warehouse. The values are related to purchase settings.

InventItemInventSetup  ---This table contains default settings for items, such as site and warehouse. The values are related to inventory settings.

InventItemLocation        ---This table contains information about items and related warehouse, and counting settings. The settings can be made specific based on the items configuration and vary from warehouse to warehouse.

InventTransOrigin         ---This was a new table added in AX 2012 and is effectively used to
join InventTrans table to the origination (sales line, purchase lines, inventory adjustment, and so on) transaction line via the InventTransOrigin tables.

InventTransOrigin tables---There are multiple tables such as InventTransOrigin Salesline and InventTransOriginPurchLine, and they are fundamentally used to link the transaction origin document to an inventory transaction record.

InventSum                     ---This table contains information about the present and expected
on-hand stock of items. Expected on-hand stock is calculated by looking at the present on-hand values and adding whatever is on order (has been purchased but not arrived yet).

InventTrans table is what I like to call the parent table of all transactions. NO matter what is performed a record will be written to this table when posting occurs. The inventTrans table represents a flow of inventory transactions as data leaves and enters a company for example. If a product is ordered a status field will be set to ordered. If a item is transferred from one warehouse to another warehouse the status will then be set to transfer. The inventory transactions table is typically used for very detailed inventory reports.

InventDim table is table that holds the combinations of inventory attributes assigned to items at they progress through inventory transactions. For example, an item can be located in many different warehouse, at may different sites, and stored in certain locations. Imagine the number of combinations that can be associated with an items its endless. 

Below are the inventory dimensions AX uses to segregate items as they process through the system :

InventColorId       --- Item table contains information about colors.
InventSizeId          --- Item table contains information about item size.
ConfigId                --- table contains information about available configuration of the various items.
InventBatchId       --- table contains information about batches.
InventSerialId       --- table contains information about item serial numbers.
InventLocationId  --- table contains information about warehouses.
InventSiteId          --- table contains information about sites.
wmsLocationId     --- table contains information about locations.
wmsPalletId          --- table contains information about pallets.


InventSum The InventSum classes are used to find the on-hand information about a certain item at a certain date. The InventSum classes are not structured in a hierarchy as the previously mentioned classes.

InventOnHand class is used to find the current on-hand information.

InventMovement classes are used to validate and prepare data that will be used to generate inventory transactions. The super class in the hierarchy is the abstract class called InventMovement.

All the classes related to the inventMovement class will be prefixed with InvMov_
For example, InventMov_Sales is used to validate and prepare inventory with sales line transactions, or InventMov_Transfer, which is used when dealing with inventory transfer journals.

InventUpdate classes are used to insert and update inventory transactions. Whenever a transaction should be posted, the updateNow() method in the InventUpdate subclass will execute. The super class in the hierarchy is the InventUpdate class, and the other classes in the hierarchy are prefixed ‘InventUpd_’.

For example, InventUpd_Estimated is used whenever an item line is entered in the system that will most likely generate a physical transaction in the future. A good example can be a sales order line that has the on-order sales status. When a line like this is entered or generated in AX, the InventUpd_Estimated is triggered so that the inventory transactions will reflect that the item is on-order can is taken into consideration when the same item is ordered.

InventAdj :Whenever an adjustment to an inventory transaction takes place, the InventAdj classes are used. The adjustments typically occur when you are closing the inventory.

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