Thursday, July 5, 2018

Accenture IQ

  1. SSRS reports?
  2. DMF/DIXF?
  3. AIF?
  4. Workflow creation process?
  5. Upgradation process in AX?
  6. What are Storage Dimensions in AX?
  7. What is the use of PostLoad method in ax?
  8. How to delete multiple records in ax?
  9. Overriding values in the multiple layers, At runtime which will effects?
  10. Difference between Runbase and Runbase batch?
  11. How to Fetch current record in D365?
  12. How to take backup of all the elements of the USR layer?
  13. Difference between In memory and Temp DB?
  14. What is Assembly?
  15. What is a Model?
  16. Joins in AX?
  17. What is reference group?
  18. How to debug the runbase class?
  19. How to create ODBC connection?
  20. Where do we write the generate method?
  21. What is cluster index in ax?
  22. What is Replacement Key?
  23. What is Alternate Key?
  24. How to deploy the code in AX7 / D365?
  25. Rules of Extension in D365?
  26. How to debug the form in D365?
  27. How to export the code in D365?


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How to enable the dimension fields based on the Item selected on the form.

[Form] public class KMTShipFromWarehouses extends FormRun {     InventDimCtrl_Frm_EditDimensions        inventDimFormSetup;     /// &l...