Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tieto IQ

  • Exception handling in AX
  • Steps to create batch job using SysOperation framework
  • Pack and unpack functionality in Sysoperation framework
  • Relations in AX
  • List of Override methods in ax
  • Difference between Validate field and Validate Write
  • List of ways to generate lookup
  • Class used for multiselect lookup
  • Formletter framework class and its uses
  • Cache lookup table level property
  • Field property for unique field
  • Table inheritance
  • Table Extension
  • Insert_recordset
  • Update_recordset will it call the table update method?
  • Table update method
  • Which form data source method will intrun call the table method Insert and Update?
  • Reference group?
  • Collection classes in AX?



  1. Do Tieto have Indian office / do they recruit Indians?

  2. Nice blog by the way, good and detailed info.


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How to enable the dimension fields based on the Item selected on the form.

[Form] public class KMTShipFromWarehouses extends FormRun {     InventDimCtrl_Frm_EditDimensions        inventDimFormSetup;     /// &l...