Thursday, June 21, 2018

Difference between temp table and container in AX

  • Data in containers are stored and retrieved sequentially, but a temporary table enables you to define indexes to speed up data retrieval.

  • Containers provide slower data access if you are working with many records. However, if you are working with only a few records, use a container.

  • Another important difference between temporary tables and containers is how they are used in method calls.

When you pass a temporary table into a method call, it is passed by reference. 
Containers are passed by value. 

When a variable is passed by reference, only a pointer to the object is passed into the method. 

When a variable is passed by value, a new copy of the variable is passed into the method. If the computer has a limited amount of memory, it might start swapping memory to disk, slowing down application execution. 

When you pass a variable into a method, a temporary table may provide better performance than a container

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