Wednesday, December 9, 2015

X++ code to change the table field properties

static void Esh_Test(Args _args)
 str myProp,myProp1;


 NumberSequenceList   numberSequenceList; //Table Name

 TreeNode            numSeqFldsRoot = treeNode::findNode(@"\Data Dictionary\Tables\NumberSequenceList\Fields\Status"); //Field Path

 TreeNode           numSeqFldsRoot1 = treeNode::findNode(@"\Data Dictionary\Tables\NumberSequenceList\Fields\TransId"); //Field Path

 TreeNode           table = treeNode::findNode(@"\Data Dictionary\Tables\NumberSequenceList"); //Table Path


  numSeqFldsRoot.AOTsetProperties("PROPERTIES\n AllowEdit #" + 'No' + "\n ENDPROPERTIES\n"); // We use AOTsetProperties method to  set or manipulate the field properties.

  numSeqFldsRoot1.AOTsetProperties("PROPERTIES\n AllowEdit #" + 'No' + "\n ENDPROPERTIES\n");

  myProp = numSeqFldsRoot1.AOTgetProperties();
  myProp1 = numSeqFldsRoot.AOTgetProperties();

  table.AOTsave(); // Saving the table.


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