Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Differrence between RunBase and RunBaseBatch class

RunBase: To create a job or an Action class - a program that carries out processes, such as accepting parameters from the user and then updating records in the database - you use the RunBase framework.
The framework is implemented by the RunBase application class and supplies many features, which include the following:
· Query
· Dialog, with persistence of the last values entered by the user
· Validate

The RunBase application framework runs or batches an operation.

An operation is a unit of work, such as the posting of a sales order or calculation of a master schedule.

The RunBase framework uses the Dialog framework to prompt a user for data input.

It uses the SysLastValue framework to persist usage data and the Operation Progress framework to show operation progress.

The RunBase class is a framework for classes that need a dialog for user interaction and that need the dialog values to be saved per user.

RunBaseBatch:  You can design your own batch job by extending the RunBaseBatch class. You can also write code to schedule the batch to run. The batch runs on the Application Object Server (AOS)

RunBaseBatch is an extension of RunBase - it adds a support for batch processing.

SysOperation framework is a newer framework replacing RunBase (and its extensions such as RunBaseBatch).

It provides better separation of concerns, generation of dialogs from data contracts and quite a few additional features.

class RunBaseBatch extends RunBase implements Batchable

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